Eating Vegan Is Not Hard – Practical Reasons Why A Vegan Diet Is Easier Than You Think

Eating Vegan Is Not Hard – Practical Reasons Why A Vegan Diet Is Easier Than You Think

The vegan population has been growing exponentially in recent times, and today there are nearly 79 million vegans globally.

Though vegans account for a small portion of our society, the demand for vegan meals and products has skyrocketed – the main reason, vegan products are well… healthy! And while individuals have their own personal motivations to wanting to incorporate more vegan products into their diets, an abundant number of misconceptions are still linked to vegan eating: vegans only eat salad, vegans don’t get enough calcium, vegan eating is expensive, and the list goes on.

Truth is, plant-based is becoming mainstream as people are growing more aware of the lifestyle’s multiple benefits. However, the biggest misconception of all is that vegan eating is HARD. Let’s just start by saying that what’s truly difficult is changing our minds. This is a misconception that has been passed around our society, simply because eating vegan follows a diet that doesn’t incorporate foods that are very embedded in our traditional diets.

Today, there are so many options when it comes to plant-based that it truly comes down to choosing whatever flavor you like better! As we understand that making a transition to a fully vegan diet is not easy because habits are tough to break in general, here we leave you with a few practical reasons why a vegan diet might be easier than you thought:

You can take it slow 

One of the most common mistakes when going vegan is thinking that all should happen overnight. While it is great to want to adapt a healthier lifestyle, it is important to remember that one must learn to walk before one can run – baby steps are important, simply by cutting down consumption of animal products is a good start. Identifying recipes and meals that you like that are vegan or incorporating one fully vegan meal into your weekly diet, are all positive ways to slowly getting yourself into the lifestyle.

The trap of fixating on foods that you can’t eat

Multiple people will come out and immediately fixate on what they are cutting out of their diets – this is the very best way for your efforts to fail and an excellent way of making yourself discouraged! Instead of having this mindset, think about the things that you like instead. Diving in slowly is important and it gives you time to find replacements for products you enjoy. With a little experimenting, you are sure to find new products to love.

Embracing new foods

Going vegan gives you a great opportunity to try and embrace new foods that you might have never tried before. Products like tempeh, tofu, plant milks, nut butters, coconut yogurts, and fermented foods that are all uniquely delicious – people might be surprised to find that they prefer these substitutes to the traditional thing. It's always a pleasure to try and taste new foods, especially when they are both delicious and healthy.

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